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Primary schools in England and Wales can still register to take part in the Let’s Count! education programme from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The census took place on 21 March 2021, but it is not too late to fill in the census questionnaire. Let’s Count! is an exciting opportunity for your school to be a part of this unique event, Census 2021.

Take part in the Let’s Count! competition and your school could win £1,000 of equipment, plus announce the Census 2021 population of England and Wales, for the first time. Closing date for entries is Friday 23 April 2021.

“Let’s Count! has been a valuable contribution to our community… and helped us to deepen our curriculum.”

Emma Foster,
Maths Lead and Innovation Lead,
Halley House Primary School, Hackney (Census Rehearsal 2019)

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What is Let’s Count!?

ONS, together with education resource centre, iChild, have developed Let’s Count! to support Census 2021. Let’s Count! is an exciting free education resource programme that teaches children about the census.

The Let’s Count! programme includes 14 cross-curricular resources for you to choose from, covering key areas of the English and Welsh curriculum. Let’s Count! has achieved accreditation from MEI, NATE and the Geographical Association.

Flexible and time-saving resources will support your school through COVID-19, to re-engage children and families in learning and to celebrate local community, as part of your recovery curriculum. They’ve been designed to teach children both in the classroom and at home. You’ll have access to best practice video lessons from MEI that can also be used for remote learning.

This easy-to-use education programme can help improve maths and writing skills, using Census 2021, a significant real-life event, as a stimulus.

The resources even offer professional development training for your teachers, with an exclusive session about progression in statistics across the primary years. Find out more information on the resources on our resource pack page.



of teachers said the Let’s Count! activity made a positive educational impact at their school during Census 2019 Rehearsal.


of teachers said they would run the Let’s Count! activity again in 2021.


of parents thought Let’s Count! made a positive educational impact at their child’s school and 93.3% said their child enjoyed taking part.

Take part in Let’s Count! Day and your school could win £1,000 of equipment.

Plus, the winning school will receive a visit from the National Statistician and will announce the Census 2021 population of England and Wales for the first time.

  • Schools can choose any day before Census Day on Sunday 21 March 2021 to do their counting.
  • On Let’s Count! Day children in participating schools will count things, perhaps on a walk in the local area. Schools will count and collect data on any subject that matters to them.
  • With the information gathered from the counting, pupils will then develop colourful census wall displays, including charts and graphs.

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